I started this blog for a multitude of reasons.  I have been living in boxes and it is high time to break out of them.  I am a bit of an eccentric, an obsessive too, and a creative soul.

In my day to day existence I am a high school art teacher, and looking for an outlet to memorialize the amazing experiences I have had in the classroom, while provide some tips for other new(ish) teachers out there.   Being an educator has been a life changing experience and I am crazy-in-love with my job.  I may not feel the passion in every minute of my day, but it is daily the fire that ignites me.

Another reason for initiating this project is the personal journey that life is currently taking me on.  A life of big dreams, new hopes and, the biggest of all, recovery.  I am bouncing back from a chronic few months of chaos, finding new feet and, at the same time, managing Bipolar 2.  Amidst all this chaos have been miracles.

Welcome to the Dreaming Up Blog.  I hope you find what you need here, I certainly have.