Magical Minion Cake – 6 simple steps

Now this, this was a real labour of love.  No easy task, but certainly a whole lot of fun and I was really proud of my little minion once we were done.

It’s a pretty simple process, but do set aside some time.  It took me, with the help of a friend, a couple of hours to get this right.

Step 1:  I must say I cheated here.   Instead of making my own cakes I went out and got a couple of pre-baked ones – you will need at least 5 to get the height.

Step 2:  We stacked the cakes, using icing to hold them firmly together and covered the outside with a vanilla-cream mix – both for the flavour and to help stick the fondant to the surface.

Step 3:  Get out your yellow, blue, silver and black powdered food colouring, don’t use the liquid type – this gets far too messy.   The bulk of your fondant you need to mix and knead into a nice, bright yellow to coat the entire cake.  Using a rolling pin, roll out your fondant – not too thin though or it will tear when you start working with it.  Wrap your entire cake in a layer of yellow fondant.  As you can see from the images, ours began as a disaster – and we were close to throwing in the towel!  Don’t give up just yet though – it all comes together.

Step 4:    After mixing up your blue fondant create the dungarees.  We basically wrapped the bottom half in blue, made little legs – purely out of fondant, and cut the straps from the remaining rolled-out fondant.  Have a big bowl of icing on hand to use as glue as you work with the fondant – it will not stick to the initial fondant layer without some moisture.

For the straps we cut strips of fondant and stuck them over what would have been his shoulders.  Too create the pouch, just cut a small square of blue fondant and work it into the front of the dungarees.

Using a knife point or kebab stick you can create the detail.

Step 5:  The Eyes!  Using some white fondant, create flattened circles of a good size to use as the base.  To make the goggles I mixed silver food colouring into the fondant and rolled out ‘sausages’ of this to create the rings.  For the pupil, simple a dot of black fondant or a chocolate drop.

Step 6:  Decorate!  Now this is the really fun part – just enjoy the process.  Our creation looked a little like Frankenstein’s monster at this point hence the flower crown, but decorate to your heart’s content and bring your little minion alive.

It’s a relatively simple process, but definitely trial & error.  We had a lot of fun, and the recipient was beside herself with joy when she received it.  All round a jolly experience.

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