The Dream Begins

I am a dreamer, a hopeful and ever-ready to take on what life throws at  me.  At least, that is how I like to see myself.  At the moment I am not quite there.

I am in a bit of a darker space where life feels like trudging through some muddy swamp and everything is an effort.  I know it will lift, everything passes, but I’m holding a stopwatch to my heart – awaiting the time for change.  What I realise today is that the only catalyst for change that I have lies within me and I need to dig deep to live the life I dream of.

I have recently embarked on a new life path.  It scares me.  It excites me. It leaves me shuddering… and tingling at the same time.  I am newly embarking on the road to recovery, taking the first few trembling steps and what I am finding is that support, and love, abound in my life.  There are people who surround me who love me regardless of the messes I have made.  People who believe in me and who are willing to stand by me. This is a small miracle, and I am ever grateful.

I draw inspiration from them to keep putting each foot forward, and without this circle I may have collapsed by now.  It’s not that I feel worthy of this kindness, but I do see it and it propels me.  Keeps me going.

This is a bit of a ramble to open up this new found venture, but there you are.

Enjoy. Smile at the silliness. Read on.  There is more to come from this.



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