Big Dreamers

Amazing young women of the art department of my school – in celebration of women’s month. Women rocking the arts!

Magical Minion Cake – 6 simple steps

Now this, this was a real labour of love.  No easy task, but certainly a whole lot of fun and I was really proud of my little minion once we were done.  

It’s a pretty simple process, but do set aside some time.  It took me, with the help of a friend, a couple of hours to get this right.

Dream it up – 5 fun parent’s evening tips

I have been racking my brain for the last few days on how to make the standard school parent’s evening more interactive, more exciting.  And, I must say, I have been coming up with mountain upon mountain of super dry ideas.  Finally, I threw in the towel and stopped searching for ideas – realizing that all I need to do to make this the best evening I can in the short time provided is look within for some inspiration.

The Dream Begins

I am a dreamer, a hopeful and ever-ready to take on what life throws at  me.  At least, that is how I like to see myself.  At the moment I am not quite there.